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If you have trouble seeing your event photos, please be advised that the web administrator has been notified. Below are some suggested fixes for people having problems getting to their selected events. First, just click "CONTINUE" when you come to the "LOGIN" page. Skipping the login sometimes gets you through to the photos. If you get caught in a loop then refer to the fix below about "Enabling Cookies" on your computer.

"This is has been an issue that our development team is working hard to fix. It has to deal with Internet Explorer and cookies. I have attached a temporary workaround for you and your customers. Please read through and add to your storefront. You may also advise your customer about using the Firefox browser. Internet Explorer is having issues with certain web pages and unfortunately Photoreflect is one of them."

May I suggest adding the "how to enable cookies" instructions you see below to your "Marketing/Instruction" page on your Photoreflect storefront. This will allow your customers to see the instructions when they first access their event. Copy and paste the "how to enable cookies" instructions you see below there and your customers will see the "how to enable cookies" message before they enter their event. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Thank you, Customer Care


Please note you must have cookies enabled on your web browser to use the instructions below will describe how to enable cookies in Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. If you are using a different browser, we recommend that you use one of these three while viewing, otherwise please consult the documentation for your browser for help enabling cookies.


Go to Tools->Options->Privacy->cookies
Check the box labeled "Allow sites to set cookies"
Uncheck the box labeled "For the Originating Wesite Only"
Uncheck the box labeled "Unless I have removed cookies set by the site"
Select "Until they Expire" from the "Keep Cookies" drop down box.
Then click on the "Exceptions" button and make sure that is not listed as "blocked".


Go to Tools->internet options->Privacy
click the advanced button check "Override automatic cookie handling"
Select "Accept" for First-party cookies, and Accept for Third-party cookies.
Check the box labeled 'Always allow session cookies"


Go to SAFARI->preferences->security
Keywords: Cookies
select "Always" under "Accept Cookies"